Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry standard for website analytics for tracking website traffic, user behavior and other aggregated data. Creating a Google Analytics account and properly installing the tracking code is an essential step of website development and search engine optimization. Even if no one does anything with all that data right away, the fact […]

301 Redirects

Why Change a URL? Often during a website redesign for a client, the page URLs will need updating. There are a few common reasons for this. Domain Change The primary domain name is changing (e.g. going from to Platform Change The platform / web language is changing, so the file extensions are either […]

Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business listing is an essential and easy step to boost search engine performance. Creating such an account is called a “citation.” Google My Business helps SEO by: Creating a listing and “pin on the map” for Google searches with a local or location-based user intent, which can help boost the potential […]