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Get 1 Day® Website Certified

1 Day® Website Certifications

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Certify Your WordPress Web Agency

Our 1 Day® Website Agency Certification is for:

  • Web agency owners who want to revolutionize their process and offer a totally unique service;
  • Marketing professionals who want to stop working for “the proverbial man” and start their own web design agency.
  • Freelancer web designers who are tired of working solo and are ready to grow a team.

Watch the video to learn what it’s really like doing 1 Day Websites as a team.

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1 Day Website Developer Certification

Our 1 Day® Website Developer Certification is for freelancer WordPress web developers who:

  • Love CSS but don’t love doing design.
  • Want to stop spending all their time emailing clients back and forth;
  • Want to streamline some of the tedious tasks of website projects.
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1 Day Website Designer Certification

Our 1 Day® Website Designer Certification is for freelancer WordPress web designers who want:

  • Workflow tips to streamline their design process.
  • A solid framework for designing branded sites.
  • To learn best practices about SEO, performance and some of the techy stuff.
1 Day Writer Certification

1 Day Website Writer Certification

Our 1 Day® Website Developer Certification is for freelancer writers who want to:

  • Learn our 1 Day framework for writing website copy.
  • Get tips on successful interviews and what to ask the client.
  • Learn more about brand archetypes and how to use them in copywriting.

“We’re building SEO-optimized WordPress sites, custom-built for every client. I’ve been involved in a bunch of these and honestly, no two are alike. And they’re built to scale and rank.

I’ve never walked away from one where the client wasn’t thrilled with both the process and the final outcome.

As someone who’s literally been involved with projects that were years—YEARS—behind schedule, I can honestly say that while the 1 Day process might not be magic, it’s about as close as you’re going to find in the complicated world of web development.”

Laura Beck

“I learned much more about how much copy to write for the design and how effective (rock star fantastic) the 1 Day Website process is. The brilliant organization, the seasoned best practices, the all-hands-on-deck teamwork, the important role of the writer in that rock star team… It’s a well-oiled machine with style and creativity. It’s awesome! I have been working with some other teams and your processes and style are much more advanced, efficient and inviting. You know your shit!”