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Our mission is to revolutionize the way creatives work in order to create more profitable businesses and happier humans.

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What is 1 Day Works?

1 Day Works puts the joy back into your website agency’s creative projects. We help you fall back in love with your projects and clients by eliminating unnecessary tasks and putting the focus on real-time collaboration between real human beings! What a novel idea. Our approach drastically reduces the amount of back-and-forth communication…and soul-sucking emails. Clients who collaborate with you on their 1 Day Website give the feedback you need right away, require fewer revisions, and appreciate the website magic you perform right before their eyes. You’re not just accelerating your own success…your accelerating theirs!

Founded by Candy Phelps, an entrepreneur with more than 13 years of problem solving and working in the web design industry, 1 Day Works solves the biggest problems faced by web design agencies: projects that drag on forever.

The 1 Day Works solution gives creative entrepreneurs and agencies control over their schedule again so they have more time to enjoy life and earn more money doing what they love. When you are a Certified 1 Day Website Agency, you can pursue work that spreads joy and makes the world a better place.

As the owner of digital marketing agency Bizzy Bizzy, Candy Phelps faced the same kinds of problems that plague every web design agency and creative freelancer. Overwhelming emails. Pervasive scope creep. Uncommunicative clients. Ever-changing timelines. She knew there had to be a better way to create quality websites in less time, with less headaches, and more happiness along the way. 

A problem-solver who wanted to enjoy life and working with her clients again, Candy researched best practices, read neuroscience journals, collaborated with industry professionals, and experimented with her own agency. She proved that great websites didn’t need months and months of work and thousands of emails. In fact, with the right team, she could deliver a fantastic website in just one day!

The 1 Day approach is an unprecedented way of working. It means actually working TOGETHER. At the SAME TIME. And in person, as much as possible.

Candy enjoys sharing the research and knowledge she’s gained from her decade of owning a creative agency. She is the author of two books, “Grow Your SEO: Search Engine Concepts Even Your Grandma Can Understand” and “1 Day Website: Revolutionize Your Web Design Business.” Candy is also a regular keynote speaker and guest on web design agency podcasts.

Join Candy in disrupting the creative industry by revolutionizing the way people work together. Discover how you can work in real time with your clients and leverage our creative tools.

Candy Phelps - Speaker, Author and Founder of Bizzy Bizzy

Candy Phelps

Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker

“By far, I thought Candy Phelps was the best presentation, not only with content but also with the variety, I loved the activities she had us do.”

– Digital Marketing and Social Media Conference Attendee

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Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I own a bullet-proof vest!

  • I have a husband, toddler, two chickens and a dog named Crouton, all of whom I adore!

  • I am obsessed with oversized and tiny things and host an annual Big Little party complete with giant hamburgers and teeny tiny hot dogs!

  • The best birthday present I have ever gotten was a bucket of moss and a huge mason jar of tube socks.

  • I have been known to eat other people’s leftovers.

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Candy speaking about the problems with the traditional web design process.