Updated 9.22.20 | Please note our return / refund policy is subject to change. 

At 1 Day Works, we want you to spend your money and your time wisely because we know it’s limited. If one of our training courses, Master Classes or Certification Programs isn’t as great as you thought it would be, you may request a refund.

If you have received your physical tools, guides or any other shipped items, you are responsible for mailing those back to us at your own expense in order to receive a full refund. Or you may choose to keep the physical tools, and we will deduct their full cost as shown in our online shop from your refund.

Refund shipping address:

Bizzy Bizzy

2002 Atwood Ave. Ste. 211

Madison, WI 53714


Request a Refund

You may request a refund within 7 days after your purchase. To request a refund, fill out the form on our Contact page. Then we’ll ask that you take a short survey to tell us how we could have improved our course. By requesting a refund, you relinquish any use of our trademarked 1 Day brand, any you must delete any digital tools, templates or guides you have received.