How to Design a Brand Board for your Client

Learn how to create a brand board for your client to gather inspiration, styles, imagery, colors and fonts before your logo design process.

Doubling Down on Productivity for Website Projects

When it comes to doubling your productivity, double checking your work, double tasking only when it makes sense, and avoiding double work at all cost will help you streamline your website production.

Wohoo! Bizzy Bizzy Celebrates 10 Years in Business!

It’s wild to think that it was 10 years ago today that I said goodbye to my last “real job” and started my freelancing business right in the middle of a global economic recession!

16 Business Models for Freelancers & Creatives

When you were in college getting your Bachelor’s Degree in Freelancing… oh wait… that’s not a thing. Maybe you have a business degree, maybe you’ve worked for another creative agency, or maybe you’re lucky enough to come from a long line of freelancers in your family. But most folks who start freelancing have to learn […]

The Anatomy of a Good Web Development Contract

Having a strong web development contract is important for both you and the client. It’s an opportunity to establish expectations and the project scope.

Tools for Growing Your Freelance Business

As you grow your freelance business, the right tools can help save you time, keep your business under control and improve your products and services. Don’t be a cheap skate when it comes to buying the necessary tools for your business.

Hiring & Outsourcing to Grow Your Freelance Business

When you’re growing your freelance business, you’ll need help by hiring and outsourcing tasks. Here’s how to decide which is best.

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Starting a Freelance Business: One Girl’s Story of Failure…and Eventual Success

If you’re considering starting a freelance business, Candy Phelps wants to let you know you don’t have to learn everything the hard way. She already did!