Get 1 Day® Website Certified

Revolutionize your agency with our sanity-saving 1 Day Website model.

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Do your website projects take months because you’re constantly waiting on your clients? You’re not alone.

1 Day Website Certification For Agencies

Our 1 Day® Website model solves the problems with traditional web design project management.

By getting certified in the 1 Day Website business model, you’ll:

  • eliminate hundreds of emails, weeks of dead time and miscommunication from each project!
  • put an end to scope creep with schedule-based projects!
  • fall back in love with your clients and your work!

Get certified and licensed as a 1 Day Website Agency and get your life, joy, and time back.

Get all the tools, training, and materials you need to start selling 1 Day Websites to your own clients. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way!

“I absolutely loved doing the the 1 Day Website program. The systems and processes I learnt will save me hours, and this has revolutionised my business model. The team has helped me so much on the journey and were supportive and instructional. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who builds websites. It is a game changer.”

What is a 1 Day Website?

A 1 Day Website isn’t what you think it is.

We don’t build fast-food websites, installing a WordPress template and calling it a day. We turn 40 hours of work into a day-long event by collaborating with a creative director, a writer, a developer, a designer and the client!

During a 1 Day Website, you’ll work in real time with your client and your team to co-create the deliverables. The writer will write the copy for the site so there is no more waiting for the client! The designer will create a mockup and one-of-a-kind graphics. The developer is able to easily integrate various apps because they can get instant access from the client. And at the end of the day, you’ll all have done a week’s worth of work in one day!

What is 1 Day Works?

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1 Day Works helps web design agencies and freelancers make more money, save time and find joy in their work.

1 Day® Works brings technology, talent and training together to maximize creativity, productivity and fun.

Our unique tools include the Core Value exercise, the Brand Archetype Quiz, the Brand Voice exercise and more. Our online web design courses include  templates, contracts, checklists and oodles of quick tips and best practices. Our 1 Day® certification process allow others to leverage our innovative solutions, unique tools and proven systems to grow their own web design business.