What Is Brand Voice?

Brand voice refers to the characteristic tone of expressing a brand’s core messages in written and spoken word to a create a feeling that aligns with the target audience. A brand’s core messages might appear in everything from website copy, email marketing, social media and even on billboards.

The words your brand uses and the tone of voice it has are important in shaping the way people perceive you. A brand voice demonstrates characteristics of the overall brand personality, which all ties into developing a human persona for the business. After all, no one wants to be best friends with a logo.

Brand Voice Exercise

Try our interactive brand voice exercise to help your company find the appropriate writing and speaking tone. We’ve got an interactive app to help you explore and define your brand voice. If you prefer a more tactile experience, check out our Brand Voice Card Deck.

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Brand Voice Exercise

Your brand’s tone of voice is the way you tell your audience how you feel about your message. Not surprisingly, it will influence how they’ll feel about your message, too.

Examples of brand voice guidelines:

Starbucks Brand Voice

Starbucks’ brand voice guidelines say this: “By using both functional and expressive voices, we’ll create more space for brand relevance, connection and joy.”

Starbucks Brand Voice Guidelines and Examples

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