Bizzy Bizzy Featured in Wisconsin Business

Building a brand-new website is often a painstakingly long process. But with the help of the developers at Wisconsin-based startup Bizzy Bizzy, the process can be done in just one day. Check out the article featuring Bizzy Bizzy in Wisconsin Business.

Bizzy Bizzy Featured on Agency Highway Podcast

When Candy was invited to be on James Rose’s podcast, Agency Highway, she was thrilled to say the least! She’s a huge fan of the show + James records the pod from Australia! Take a listen to learn more about our 1 Day Website process!

Bizzy Bizzy Featured on Agency Trailblazer Podcast

I was thrilled to be featured on the Agency Trailblazer podcast! Lee Jackson is a gentleman and a scholar. It’s truly one of the best podcasts for creative agencies, WordPress web developers and freelancers out there.