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Bizzy Bizzy Featured on Agency Trailblazer Podcast

I was thrilled to be featured recently on the Agency Trailblazer podcast! Lee Jackson is a gentleman and a scholar, and I’ve learned so much from his pod. It’s truly one of the best podcasts for creative agencies, WordPress web developers and freelancers out there. So much value, and Lee is a generous soul.

Take a listen to the episode to learn more about our 1 Day Website Experience. Buy a website, get a massage?!


How to Create a Buyer Experience with Candy Phelps

June 19, 2019   •   Agency Trailblazer Podcast with Lee Jackson

Web build and design is not often thought of as glamorous or exciting. In the real world it can be a long process taking weeks, if not months. By the end of the project everyone is glad to get the site live and move on.

How can you change all this? How can you make the process exciting, fast, efficient and attractive?

Candy shares how she created a process for web design and development that has really helped her stand out from the crowd and allowed her to grow her agency offering a unique productised service with a flexible team structure.

Listen to the episode

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