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Creating a citation with Bing Places is nearly the same as the Google My Business Listing. Sure, not nearly as many people use Bing as Google for searching, but it’s a free backlink! Plus all PC computers still come pre-installed with Microsoft Edge with Bing search. So that’s something! 

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Assignment: Set up an Agency Account (7 min)

Just like with Google, you’ll create an agency account. Read the benefits and follow the instructions here.

To Create a Bing Places for Business Account: 

  1. Once you have the agency account, you’ll go to and Login.
  2. Click Add Single Business.
  3. Enter all the client info accurately.
  4. Add them as an Owner of account.

Once the account is created, let them know they will get a postcard in the mail with a verification pin.

Once the postcard comes, tell the client to send you the pin on the back. Log into your Agency Account to enter the pin.

Note: Bing Places seems to be a little more strict with what types of no-location businesses they allow. We’ve registered some businesses with Google that didn’t fly with Bing.