Footer Considerations

In the Wireframe discussion, you should have discussed what will go in the Footer section of the website. Most of the time this is something you can get working on right away while you are waiting for other design direction and content.

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Read this article:

This article has great examples of footers and ideas for content:


Because the Footer is on every page, we like to give it special attention. We have created the 1 Day® BALLS Footer Model to show how the precious real estate in the footer can best be used.

1 Day BALLS Footer Model

Both the Developer and the Designer will have input on the footer. Some of the aspects of the BALLS model are design-related such as graphics and color. Others are more technical such as form integrations.

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We’ll be talking more about color contrast and other accessibility factors in other lessons. In the meantime, check out this Color Contrast Checker. You’ll be using this tool for an assignment. Use your Inspector Tool to get the hex codes from the websites you are analyzing.

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