Kickoff Meeting

The Creative Director will be running the show during the Kickoff Meeting and taking notes in a Google Doc. The meeting typically takes about an hour.

Paying attention during the Kickoff Meeting is key for all members of the 1 Day team to make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s OK to start poking around files or beginning some of your tasks, but only do so if you can also listen to the discussion.

During the Kickoff Meeting, we’ll retrieve important information from the client that will be used when setting up accounts and building the website, including things like their preferred email address, their official business name, what pages we are building and other details.

You might think that these things should have been sorted out ahead of time, and often we already know the client’s business name and what pages are being built. But it’s actually quite common when someone is launching their business or redesigning a website that they are changing domains or business names, or they have had other ideas since looking at other inspiration websites. Many things may have changed since the last time we spoke with them, and the Kickoff Meeting is the opportunity to get clarity and set expectations for the day.

We want everyone to be in on the conversation. That allows for discussion among the team with the client as well as less miscommunication about what is about to happen.