Setting Up FTP | DV

Setting up an FTP connection for any site you are working on live is a good idea.

Occasionally, you’ll need to get into the website hosting files because a plugin you installed broke the site and you can’t get into the WordPress admin to deactivate it. Trust me, when you are working live on a site with the client watching, you don’t want to have to try to set up an FTP after the site has gone down!

The other common reason for needing access to the website files is to upload a ton of old PDFs or media from an old site. It may save time to do this via FTP rather than the media library. Plus, if the old site had file paths that you don’t want to change for search engine reasons, you can make sure those folders stay put via FTP instead of moving them to the date / month that you uploaded them.

FTP settings can be finicky, especially if you are working on a lot of different hosting providers. So when you are desperate, you can get by using the File Manager in the cPanel if you are having trouble connecting via FTP. Keep in mind, though, some hosts like Flywheel don’t have a cPanel option.


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