5 Minute WordPress Installation via cPanel | DV

The first step in getting your website blueprint / base installation on the testing server is to install WordPress via cPanel. Once we have a bare WordPress installation, then we can add a plugin to migrate our Blueprint over to this new installation.

Most hosts with cPanels have Installatron, Fantastico or SimpleInstall utilities to do a “5-Minute WordPress install.”

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Watch a Video (3 min)

Watch this video to see how to install WordPress on a GoDaddy server.

A couple of important notes: If this is not a new website and you’re not building on the primary domain, you’ll need a subdomain, subfolder or other temporary domain to work from.

Also keep in mind that although you are going to set up an Administrator Username and Password during this step, once you replace the bare WordPress installation with your base installation, that user will no longer exist. So, you’ll be logging in with the Administrator Username and Password that is on your Base Installation.