1 Day: File Folder Structure

It’s important to have a file folder structure in place that is used on every 1 Day Website. There are different approaches to organization, but this is the file folder structure we have found that works best. 

We want it to be obvious where to find and save files. We also want things to be organized into subfolders, but not to have so many subfolders it takes 10 clicks to get to a well-used file. You can download our sample file folder structure in the Lesson Materials.

Watch this video to get an overview of the 1 Day Website file folder structure (8 min):

With any good system, consistency is one of the most important things. Once you decide how to organize your files, don’t change it unless you have a really good reason to do so! Keep in mind that if you’re working on Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud storage system, you may run into file storage limits. So while we are big fans of keeping lots of copies of versions of things just in case, you’ll need to balance the need for backups with the need to keep the storage limits down.

Here is a typical file folder structure for a 1 Day Website.

Brand Guidelines

What goes here:

  • Core Values exercise
  • Brand Archetype Quiz
  • Any formal brand guidelines the client sends from their original logo designer.
  • Fonts used in logo or on the website that need to be downloaded.
  • Color formulas / hex codes from logo.

Client Folder

This folder is shared with the client. It is perhaps where some confusion comes from because the client is in control of how they upload things. In general, we like to make a copy of any useful files from this folder and organize them into our other folders so our team knows where to find them and also because we’ve had client’s inadvertently delete things.

What goes here:

  • Client Training folder with any documentation or video tutorials for the website.
  • Client Login Credentials spreadsheet
  • Copy of the agenda
  • Anything the client uploads such as text, images, logo files, etc.


When you need words, look in the copy folder!

What goes here:

  • Brand Copy: This is mainly used during a 1 Day Branding service. It might include “elevator pitches,” word banks, brand stories or other copy-and-paste text that can be used.
  • Discovery Interview; Notes or research from the client discovery interview.
  • Website Copy: Final website copy.


What goes here:

  • Icons in their original Illustrator or Photoshop file.
  • Patterns or other background graphics in their original Illustrator or Photoshop file.
  • Other downloaded vectors.


What goes here:

  • High resolution, original images from stock photo websites or photographers.
  • Photoshop or Illustrator files that have custom screens, filters or other overlays being used on top of photos.


Your logo folder may include dozens of different versions or file types of the logo, or it might just be one file!

What goes here:

  • Any logo files, including the original .ai or .eps files, .pngs or .jpgs.

Project Management

What goes here:

  • Notes from the initial website query or sales meeting
  • Copy of the proposal
  • Kickoff Meeting document
  • Copy of any other meeting agendas or notes


What goes here:

  • Google Analytics reports or notes
  • Citation notes for websites such as Google My Business or other backlink opportunities you set up.
  • Keyword research reports


What goes here:

  • Back End:
    • XML sitemap.
    • Screenshots of DNS records.
    • Other technical notes such as FTP or server notes.
  • Backups:
    • Database and/or file backups of the new or old website. (Note if backups are too large, you may need to store elsewhere).
  • Design:
    • Website mockup original files (Illustrator or Photoshop).
    • Designer and QA Notes document
    • Wireframe design
  • Website Ready Assets: Images or graphics that have been resized, relabeled and optimized for the website.